Meet The New Queen Of Video And Internet Marketing! Meet The New Queen of Video and Internet Marketing! Meet Kristie Chiles Meet her Vice President of Sales and office companion. Hunk The Bulldog. Kristie is best known as author of her "Easy Quick Cash" series. She is well known as a mentor, JV Zoo author of the day and month. <br />Using Kristie's techniques is powerful and easy to use. You need very little start up funds to get going.In some cases you can get started for free except for your time.However, like all things if you are not willing to put in your time why start. Just sit back and nothing will happen.Her technique is to use videos and blogs. When you start you have to gear yourself up to starting an e-mail list.In her Emergency Click Cash PDF she shows you how to set up your opt-in forms on your blog. You do not have to worry when first starting to have a domain name and website.The website can come later, after you have some funds coming in to your bank <br />account.She promotes products by interviewing the authors of various products in all kinds of niches.What I appreciate most about her interviews is they are down to earth and no BS. <br />She introduces her guests and their product with a short bio. There is not any BS with actors, fancy cars and mansions. They are real people. The authors and products she promotes are also very economical and she will provide good service.Her service provides free email tips advice and inspiration to all of us that <br />need a kick in -you know where! For more information about Kristie click on the URL in the description box. <br />For more info on making your own video like this one go to this URL --


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