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2009 - The Year of Astronomy

In this video speaks with Louie Bernstein about Galileo's first discoveries and how it changed our understanding of the sky.
2009 - The Year of Astronomyby WatchMojo

Astronomy Software - Mars Rover 3D - VRMars

Astronomy Software - Mars Rover 3D - VRMarsby VRMars
A science video presenting panoramas and images of the planet Mars, including the "McMurdo" panorama, taken by NASA's Mars Rover Spirit during the MER Mission. The video was created with the use of the virtual reality science software VRMars-Spirit - The Red Planet Mars 3D, released by Sciterian Technologies and powered by the VRPresents technology ( ) that gives the user an impression of being on the surface of Mars. It's a great astronomical video for science, astronomy and space exploration enthusiasts. Get demos of this astronomical program at or and enjoy roving Mars. See this planet like you were NASA's Mars Rover. Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Cornell/OSU/USGS/MSSS/New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science/Honeybee Robotics - See more credits in this astronomical software. Learn more at

Galaxy Note Edge

This is one cool phone and i cant wait for it to come out. Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below. Enjoy the video. 

Everything you need to build a business

Two of the World's Best opportunity's 

SBI - The complete online business builder.

GDI - Global Domain's Inc

Meet The New Queen Of Video And Internet Marketing!

Meet The New Queen Of Video And Internet Marketing!by Dean Greenstreet
http://workfromlaptop.infoMeet The New Queen of Video and Internet Marketing! Meet Kristie Chiles Meet her Vice President of Sales and office companion. Hunk The Bulldog. Kristie is best known as author of her "Easy Quick Cash" series. She is well known as a mentor, JV Zoo author of the day and month. <br />Using Kristie's techniques is powerful and easy to use. You need very little start up funds to get going.In some cases you can get started for free except for your time.However, like all things if you are not willing to put in your time why start. Just sit back and nothing will happen.Her technique is to use videos and blogs. When you start you have to gear yourself up to starting an e-mail list.In her Emergency Click Cash PDF she shows you how to set up your opt-in forms on your blog. You do not have to worry when first starting to have a domain name and website.The website can come later, a…


Just joined TSU a social network that rewards you for being social, writing content and many other ways. I am liking what i see up to now. Looks really good. Will keep you all updated. And will also write more about TSU when i have had more time exploring. You can join today for free and start getting rewarded through the link below. 
Join my tree on TSU