Get Tweet's

I will advertise your url links to at least 7 of my twitter accounts,
 With a totel #followers value of 10,000-12,000. only for $5.
I will also add to my Facebook account.
And a few other's. And also my facebook page's, 
I have tools for sending tweet's and message's every 30-60 min,
 to all my twitter account's.
 All day, For 5 day's.  About 1-2 twitter account's at a time....
As this will bring better result's..
 U can check my twitter account's below.

I also a few time's through the 5 day's
add your message's to other network's i
am a member of. Check at the bottem for what
network's i mean.


Our Facebook ( Twittoscope )

Your Tweet's 2 thousand's


Here are the network's i use to add
a few of your message's, This is just an
added bonus.


Apsense Augine Cyber Real Estate
Three estate's ( Shared ) and 3 Land's gained
up to now. ( Land ) - Website's. I
Send message's to website's from time to time
your message's will be included a couple of


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