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ShareCash: The Original & #1 PPD Network

ShareCash is a revolutionary pay-per-download network that allows you to monetize content and files and receive around $1, sometimes up to $20, per download you receive.
How Does it Work?When you upload a file to ShareCash, you're given a download link so visitors can access your file. When a visitor clicks the link, they are first asked to complete a quick, short survey from ShareCash's advertising partners. When the visitor completes a survey, you're paid usually around $1.00, and their download begins.
Why ShareCash?ShareCash is by far the most lucrative and trustworthy PPD network. In fact, they were the first PPD network to ever exist, as they created the concept in 2009. Since then, they've revamped their entire system, sporting an absolutely stunning user interface along with some awesome features that help you earn. Most importantly of all, though, they pay significantly higher than ANY other PPD network on the market, mainly due to their years of experience and …

3 Hidden Secrets and your Facebook Ad Strategy

You've done thorough market research, and read all Facebook’s rules and prohibitions... you're all ready to start your Facebook ad campaign.  Before you do, however, you may need to stop and consider some little-known factors that could affect your market research conclusions.
1. You may know that Facebook allows users to search the web from Facebook:  What you may not realize is that Facebook separated itself from Google.  Now when you search the web via Facebook, results are returned from Bing.
2. You can link your Facebook Ad to your Facebook group... but if you change your mind and decide a Facebook Page would work better than a group instead, you cannot transfer your group members over. 
3. According to the New York Times, Microsoft has a 1.6% stake in Facebook. (That translates out to $240 million dollars!)
Now, the news about Bing may alert you to the need to keep cultivating Google SEO too; and the news about Microsoft's big Facebook investment may only serve to confir…

Using Facebook Ads for Market Research

There's been heavy buzz about Facebook ads - and with good reason. Created properly, they can be an effective tool in rocketing your popularity like a meteor, or branding your business.
But almost no one talks about using Facebook ads in reverse - as a source of valid ideas for market research.
Think about it. If a subject is on Facebook, and it's got an ad, it's likely viable. Are there groups?  Fans?  Often you can find out exactly how many Facebook fans a strong group or website in your niche actually has.
You can also see if people are actually interested in a particular product; how passionate they are about the subject; and what age group, gender, education background and more its members display in their profile.
That's instant targeting! No more fumbling around in Alexa, trying to figure out what the actual human demographic is likely to be. Right there on Facebook you can see:
What the fans are talking about If the niche is actively "hot" If it is growing